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Terms of Trade

Terms of Trade

The following terms and conditions represent the basis on which PcPatchers Technology carries out assignments for its clients in respect of acquisitions. Delivery of project, maintenance, post delivery services and cost will be according to the contract between the both parties.
It must be noted that PcPatchers Technology will be keep information of progress of the assignment at all times, right from the first interaction of the client to the delivery of project. For the future refrence and project validation, we keep the information record of any substantive correspondence between the client and the PcPactchers Technology and all parties concerned with the financing of the transaction, and a copy of the Sale / Purchase Contract and any other relevant documentation.
PcPatchers Technology will complete the assignment in accordance with the conditions underlined in the contract of agreement between us and the clients. The agreement will be done on the outline of laws concerned with contract and agreements of US, India and client country.
The delivery of the assignment will be on the project basis. However for pre delivery or emergency of time, the cost of the resources used to deliver assignment way before deadline as asked by client in process of execution, will be added in the cost.
PcPatchers Technology will keep clients information confidential and also the project details. We will not disclose the information of the project even after the delivery of project if client ask us too. We will not divulge any confidential information concerning or relating to the client's business affairs and activities without the expressed authority given in written by the client. If required by the client, PcPatchers Technology will procure that its consultants enter into a direct confidentiality agreement with the client to the same or similar effect.
All reports and documents, prepared by PcPatchers Technology is and will remain the property of PcPatchers Technology pvt Ltd unless otherwise agreed in writing. The client shall be entitled to use any reports and documents produced by PcPatchers Technology only for the specific purposes agreed with PcPatchers Technology.
PcPatchers Technology will present its reports, recommendations or other findings in good faith and will not be liable to the client for any losses arising or purportedly arising as a result of acting upon iNet Solution's recommendations or for any indirect or consequential loss including claims by third parties.
If PcPatchers Technology makes any forecasts or gives any opinions no warranty is being given as to achievements unless specifically stated in writing. The achievement of any recommended aims will depend on the efforts of the client and the client's staff and other factors.
Any formal communications to PcPatchers Technology should be sent to its Working office and any formal communication to the client will be sent to the client's address set out in the letter of agreement or authorized representative appointed by the client, unless the client notifies PcPatchers Technology otherwise in writing. Formal communications should be sent by post or fax or be delivered by hand.
8. LAW
The Agreements between the client and PcPatchers Technology shall be governed by and drafted in accordance with the laws of India & US. You irrevocably and unconditionally consent hereby to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in, India for any action, suit or proceeding arising out of or relating to this Agreement. However, it must be noted that all kinds of issues and disputes must be first addressed by arbitration between PcPatchers Technology and the clients, without intrusion of court.
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